Confluence 8.4 is available now

Hi everyone,

Confluence 8.4 is available now.

Download the latest version

This GA release was made available on 6 July 2023.

What’s new?

  • Perfectly align your table content
  • Add your own emojis
  • Manage uploaded emojis
  • Work smarter and save time with space reindexing
  • New REST APIs to make user management easier
  • Improvements when copying a space

To learn more, see Confluence 8.4 Release Notes.


Hi @Wendy,

Great news!

Unfortunately I get an HTTP 429 (Too many requests) when accessing (as documented in to access confluence-plugins-platform-pom:pom:8.4.0.

It is a client issue (4xx), but I am unsure how I can resolve this. Do you know which team I need to get in touch with to get support on this?


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Same here, I get HTTP 403. already opened a support ticket. This is really annoying. I recently switched to GitHub Actions and got rid of my Jenkins+Nexus which cached the jars.
Thought the new hype is all cloud only, so there should not be any limitation on the repos!

I am not willing to pay 50bucks per month again to host and maintain a Nexus instance, just because Atlassian starts limiting maven repo access out of the blue.

No communication on this topic beforehand to prepare. My whole release chain is currently blocked by this……

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Reportedly (i.e. unconfirmed) the Maven limiting is not deliberate, rather a side effect of the major ongoing outage across the entire Atlassian Cloud platform:


The Maven repository is now online again. As @sopel mentioned it seemed to be a temporary issue.


Hi @rr1 , even though the Maven repo is back online, I’ll share this with the product team to investigate and come back to you.

I’ve noted that @clouless raised a support ticket. Have you heard back?

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Hi @rr1 @clouless @sopel,

Our maven repository was having problem during Jul 6th. I believe it was the main reason that made you experience with the problem
That one has been sorted and should run fine now.

Please let us know if there is other problem.



yes all is back to normal.
It was the major outage that caused my problem.

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Hi Wendy,

Thank you for coming back to this!

I had been just a bit unsure due to the error code and the changes of URLs reported in the documentation.

Everything is fine! :smile:


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