Confluence 8.7 beta is available now

Here’s another one. If the 9.0.0-m04 milestone is indicative of future efforts, I see that the confluence-rest-api package has also been withdrawn. Apps need to use the ServiceExceptionManager interface contained within, as indicated by the Atlassian tutorial for making apps compatible with read-only mode.

I admit that the number of issues is becoming a little bit concerning, because all of the above stem from just a single app, and I strongly suspect that a lot of other developers are not paying attention yet.

Removing third-party dependencies feels logically fine, but removing things under com.atlassian.* and equivalent looks really risky from a vendor point of view. I understand that the goal is ideally to prevent people from using these interfaces: but the reality is that basically nobody is creating new server/DC apps anyway, so this truly only impacts existing apps that were already using those interfaces, and it is really challenging to put the cat back in the bag properly.