Confluence 8.8 beta is available now

Hello @clouless
In one of the other threads about Confluence 8.8 compat , @mkemp
mentions that there are changes in the web-resource manager APIs ( ) … maybe he knows the story for WebResourceUrlProvider and getStaticPluginResourceUrl?

I am also running into problems with web-resource APIs in my classpath, not sure but they might be related because mine are also web-resource API classes: when building against 8.7.1 it fails because com.atlassian.plugin.servlet.DownloadableResource is not available. It looks like maybe the “old” web-resource transform APIs are now gone and the switch to the “new” APIs is mandatory for 8.7+? I’m not sure: … I think I will refactor my web-resource-transformer implementation to use the “new” API per that doc.

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