Confluence 8.8 beta is available now

FWIW, only WebResourceTransformerFactory needs to be implemented, not DimensionAwareWebResourceTransformerFactory which has all this extra Cloud stuff (called prebake) being deleted in the upcoming major.

The WRM also has an example, which also utilises the optional TwoPhaseResourceTransformer system (don’t need to worry about it). The gist of it is the language goes in the URL of the web-resource and becuase languages should only change when plugin modules come and go (the WRM rebuilds everything when this happens), that’s enough.

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Maybe not all of you got informed, but the final release is out.
My app is still not fully compatible … what a mess …


However, the ‘latest’ tag on still refers to version 8.7.2 rather than 8.8.0, so it looks as if the release was not not complete.

No it is already here: Docker

We’re working on making our apps compatible with building against Confluence 8.8 now and still haven’t figured out where several classes we were using in went. This package is in the javadoc I found online: (Atlassian Confluence 8.8.0 API)

We also can’t easily download the source like we used to be able to figure it out on our own, which is it’s own fiasco.

@rw-dennis , you mentioned this package in your post, did you figure this out?

Can anyone from Atlassian chime in here on where these things went?

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No it is already here

I’m not saying it’s not here, I’m saying that that the ‘latest’ tag hasn’t been updated, so using it still gets us 8.7.2.


(We have automated tests that use the ‘latest’ docker image, so tests always run against the latest release.)


Thanks for noting this, @metin. I’ve alerted our dev team who will fix it ASAP.

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Just confirming that this has now been updated. Thanks again for letting us know, @metin.

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Confirmed! Thanks for taking care of it!

No, this ended up being a no-op for me. I just have the rest-api defined in the pom as provided


And it seems to be buying this. I compile my app towards a lower Confluence version (7.17.0) but it seems to compile also against 8.8.0 and our tests are working. Not saying this will work on 9.0 though, haven’t looked closer at that yet.

@rw-dennis I just released my Confluence 8.8 compatible app to the Marketplace.
Here you can see my full pom.xml. I also have REST-API Endpoints. Maybe it helps:

But I also wished Atlassian would provide a good example POM …

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