Confluence can't load many macros

Customer love our macros: They use up to 100 or 200 macros per page…

…so Confluence fails to display them. As far as I’m aware, I’ve looked at the logs of our app, and we respond to every HTTP request we receive about macros. Details:

  • Our app is Requirement Yogi,
  • We are using Atlassian Connect / Spring Boot,
  • Deployed on AWS,
  • It’s static macros,
  • We’ve implemented cache headers, so Confluence can store the renderings for up to 7 days.

Some macros are responding, but Confluence intermittently responds “Failed to get macro details” for some macros on the page.

Who can I contact? Thank you very much.

Hi @aragot ,

It looks like you might be hitting [CONFCLOUD-71761] Failed rendering of pages with a large number of static macros - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products..

The good news is that there has been some very recent movement on that ticket and I can see it’s currently “Waiting for release”.

At this stage, it’s probably good a good idea to wait until the fix has been fully deployed to all sites since I can see some positive feedback already.


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