Confluence Cloud new editor - Live macro preview issue


We having an issue with the new Confluence Cloud editor, regarding the live macro previews feature.

How to reproduce:

  • Install Elements Spreadsheet on a Cloud instance
  • Create a new Confluence page
  • Create a Elements Spreadsheet document
  • Add content and save
  • Close the Elements Spreadsheet editor
  • No preview is available, our app display an error message

What happened:

After saving, the Elements Spreadsheet document is stored as an attachement of the new Confluence page. After that, the Confluence Cloud instance call our app server to request a render of the document. During the processing of this request, we ask for the created attachement using the REST API and a Json Web Token. But instead of receiving the attachement or an error, we are receiving an HTML page asking us to login. That why we are displaying an error instead of the document preview.

After saving the page, the document is correctly displayed on the page. If the page is edited, the preview is now working.

  • We use the same server endpoint for generating the HTML document render (for preview use or final display). The URL queries parameters are the same. In the same way, the code used to generate the JWT is the same.
  • The problem seems to happen only when the page is in “draft” status

This issue has been detected in mid-july, before that the preview worked correctly. Our last Cloud release was the 2019-07-05. So nothing change on our side.

Do you have any ideas on why we are receiving the HTML page asking for a manual connection only for the preview render ?

Thanks in advance for your help,
Clément Garin