Confluence Cloud Rate limits

I cant find any solid answer to the question - Does Confluence Cloud apply rate limits to the API.

This page says read the road signs and obey the speed limit.

My application makes a burst of requests and normally works the first time. However, when I run it again within the minute, I will intermittently get the following HTML response:

<!doctype html><html lang=“en”><head><title>HTTP Status 401 – Unauthorized</title><sty …

My credentials have not changed and if i wait long enough the script works fine again.

any thoughts?


Can you put some numbers to your burst? How many, how long etc? What type of actions?

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Is there any data on Confluence Cloud rate limits?

Resource/rate limits and paging

Resource and rate limits, and the default and maximum sizes of paged data ARE NOT considered >part of the API and may change (possibly dynamically). It is the responsibility of the client to read >the road signs and obey the speed limit.

Would love a road sign! We need one. Its fine to change them, but if I want to present the user a view of their space with 2k pages how can we do that?


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Although we did not have “a road sign” for a long time, things are changing! Recently we added guides explaining how rate limiting works in Jira and Confluence:

There are still known gaps (see end of the guides where we acknowledge known issues) but work continues.