Confluence Cloud: Refresh attachment count

Dear community,

our add-on creates a page attachment via Confluence Cloud REST API (using /rest/api/content/{pageId}/child/attachment endpoint). Use case: a user selects a file in a dialog and then this file is attached to the page and the dialog is closed.

Is there a way to update attachment count (count in brackets of ‘Attachments (0)’ page operation) on a page without a complete page refresh?

There is an awesome similar method for Jira:

    AP.require('jira', function (jira) {

I was wondering if there is smth similar for Confluence.

Thank you.

According to the documentation, there is no such REST API. The end users will have to refresh the page to see an update.

If you wish to report this as a feature request you should ask developer support:

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Thank you, @rmassaioli, for clarifying.