Confluence Cloud REST API 503 Responses

I wasn’t able to find any clear documentation regarding what conditions can return a 503 HTTP status code. For one of our evaluators we’re consistently getting 503’s from the Confluence REST API. Further digging suggests the Confluence instance license has expired yet other checks like the lic=active query string parameter aren’t consistent with this.

Is this unexpected, or do we need to make our license checks more comprehensive?


Our add-on server makes a request to the /rest/api/content/{contentId}/history/2/macro/id/{macroId} endpoint and for a particular customer we’re consistently receiving 503’s from it and many other endpoints too.

  • The Confluence instance is obviously still alive to be able to make requests to our add-on backend
  • The body of the API response is a long HTML document that contains This site does not have a valid license. If you are the site administrator, proceed to My Atlassian for further information.
  • “lic=active” is in the query string in the web request to our add-on (didn’t expect this)
  • The license in the marketplace has been expired since July 26 2017, and was created by an expert.