Confluence Cloud rich text macro contain another rich text macro

Hi Guys,

This is a question I have when I tried to make a rich text macro contain another rich text macro. In the Confluence Cloud edit mode, I have a parent rich text macro which able to contain other none rich text macro. What I wanted to do is, I want to make the parent rich text macro contain another child rich text macro.

Both macros are set as rich-text in the descriptor(simplified).
Parent macro:

  "key": "parent-rich-text",
  "url": "some-url",
  "bodyType": "rich-text",
  "featured": true,

Child macro:

  "key": "child-rich-text",
  "url": "some-url",
  "bodyType": "rich-text"

A sample screenshot as below:

I wonder what I’m trying to achieve is doable?
Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Leon,

Confluence Cloud doesn’t allow nested rich text macros. However, Atlassian is planning to introduce a new feature that they refer to as “Referentiality”, basically meaning that they assign a macro an identifier that you can refer to from within your macro:

However, it’s still under development, so I think there is no way to do what you’re looking to do at the moment :frowning: Confluence Cloud just doesn’t support nested rich text macros anymore.

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Hi Stephen,

That is very helpful! Thanks a lot! :smiley: