Confluence DC App Annual Review - When are my apps due for annual review?

Hi there,

In October I received the following email notifying my team that one of our DC approved apps is due an annual review to maintain the DC-approved status.


Data Center Approved applications are required to go through an annual review process to maintain their DC Approved status. This involves a cut down version of the architectural review and a submission of the applications current performance results:

You are required to complete the annual review survey. Please provide answers to the following questions inside your DCHelp ticket in the forms section Select the form in "Open" status and click "Edit", then fill-up the form and click the "Submit" button when finished

You are also required to re-test the performance of your app and document the results, detailed here:

We have re-opened this ticket to inform you that your review date is approaching. The annual review of your app must be completed by 19/11/2020.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please let us know if you have any questions.

DC apps review team 

We managed to execute the tests and submit the results, albeit quite close to the due date. In some cases, a 1 month notice is not sufficient for us.

Is there a way we can see when the next DC app review is due? I can see all my DC approved apps listed in the DC ecosystem, but am not able to see when the next review is due.

We have 5+ DC approved apps on the Marketplace, and it is important for us to be able to setup a plan in advance to get these reviews done.