Confluence Embedded Pages

hello Atlassian,

I’m trying to use the embedded pages package Atlaskit component.
The idea is to import Confluence pages from the same domain into our globalPage iframe.

One prerequisite in the docs states:

The 3rd party will need to reach out to Atlassian/an Atlassian representative and provide the domain(s) used by the 3rd party application for Atlassian to allowlist.

Can you allow me and our team to add the domain * in your allowlist?

Hi @arosati,

I believe you can make the request to use this via this Service Desk

All the best,

hey Mel,

request raised, thanks for pointing me there.


@mpaisley Are you aware of anyone actually looking after that service desk?

I sent a request to it a while back and have heard nothing.

If it’s no longer actively monitored, what is the current way to get your app and it’s domains approved/whitelisted?

@david this was the information i was given by that team at the time, but that was 6 months ago, and things are always changing at Atlassian so I’ll see if I can get you an update.

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Hello all, please direct future request (for allowlisting domains) to Jira Service Management

Thanks all!