Confluence filter chain in web.xml

At some point in the recent past, Confluence removed the filter chain from web.xml

Note that all Servlets and Filters are registered via the Java API.
See com.atlassian.confluence.impl.webapp.ServletsInitializer

What is the recommended way to get MY filter into the filter chain? Placing it in the web.xml did not work.

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Help please - same problem here - we have been adding Filter for the last ten years that is required at our company. How to get MY filter into the filter chain?

Same problem… this change in web.xml is present at least in 8.2.2 and 7.19.9 versions

Did anybody find a solution?

Thank you and best regards

Same problem. Any solution, please?

Is there no feedback or documentation on this ?

Did u manage to figure this out ?

No. We eventually switched to a different proxy server (F5) and they provide the functionality that used to be in our filter.