Confluence Forge Macro TextArea with image support


I am new to developing in Forge, so am probably asking simple noob questions…

I am trying to create a very simple webform/editable table to capture specs on confluence

Essentially the output should look very similar to a jira ticket, with a user picker, a name, a status, and a large field for description…

Then we should have fields that are only visible depending on a toggle switch, either detailing the developer’s view (implementation notes) or the testers view (test name, parameters, pass fail)

When the macro is instanced the user should be able to edit the fields, and copy paste images in.

I can almost do this with the UI Kit, I have tried using a table, but it doesn’t appear to be editable like the confluence default table macro, I have tried using the TextArea component, but it doesn’t appear to support images.

The reason for not just creating a custom jira ticket to do this, is that we want to revision control the content including diagrams etc. Confluence’s history is good enough for now, but we will probably send/retrieve the data from a remote server (maybe bitbucket)

Maybe I am going about this the wrong way, so any suggestions would be welcome?



Hi @PeterSinka , UI Kit does not have the capability to hold images. For your specific features, I would suggest moving over to using Custom UI and implementing what you need there. You can use the atlaskit library to replicate the look of an Atlassian product.