Confluence lost it's anonymous access


Are any other vendor experiencing this? Just got a request this morning telling me that our documentation was private. I check it in an incognito window and sure enough, the space is not accessible anymore but with a strange behavior:

  • Overview page is accessible
  • All other page briefly display when accessed but then blanks out and say that the page is private
  • Pages are accessible via JSD portal

It used to work and to my knowledge, nothing changed lately. Also, the anonymous access (view) is granted. Removing it, prompts a login as it should. Putting it back returns to the observed behavior.

Opening the developer console in the browser shows a lot of errors coming from GraphQL so it’s surely not a setting on my side :slight_smile: (

I strongly believe that something happened with Confluence.

Looks like someone reacted to this on Atlassian’s side as pages can now load but they have still all the errors in the console. Also, Confluence Status Page shows nothing. And no one never acknowledge that there was a problem.

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