Confluence Macro Development


I am making a custom macro which generates 4 tables based on three input fields. 2 of these tables will resemble the output that you get from the built in JIRA Issue/Filter macro. I am only allowed to use this one custom macro so can’t use the built in one. Is it possible to access the built in macro’s code? If not, can some one help with this? I am new to confluence dev.


The source code for the built in JIRA Issue/Filter macro is available on Bitbucket, see confluence-jira-plugin.

Be warned though: At first sight this is a surprisingly complex piece of code, presumably due to including legacy code for its predecessor(s), and for the cross product communication via application links. It might well be possible to isolate and extract just the table stuff of course - if you succeed with this, please let us know, as by chance I’m having this very need myself currently :slight_smile: