[Confluence] Publishing static Web Html using API (JMeter Html Report)

Hi ,
Perhaps someone has experience on how to send the HTML report to the Confluence page and publish it using the API?
Is it possible?

My case:
During auto performance testing, JMeter tool generates an HTML report. And we want to send it to the Confluence page using the API for further storage, review and results comparisons.

The HTML report itself consists of HTML files, markup, scripts, JSONs…

Or if this is not possible, then maybe in this case, only sending the report as an archived/zipped file in the form of an attachment would be suitable?


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We have done both in the past. Assuming you are using DC.

You can either upload as attachment to page with attachments macro on it. (Easiest way) - wrote up something similar here: Using Bamboo for Scheduled Monthly Tasks and Integ... - Atlassian Community

Or create a page with HTML macro on it, add attachment, then update html macro to reference attachment (all possible via rest API). We use: HTML for Confluence | Atlassian Marketplace to make it a bit easier to render attachments as HTML.