Confluence REST API v2 - Update page -> version comment not processed


I’ve just tested several times and it seems the version comment (message) isn’t processed when using v2 of the Confluence REST API for updating a page. Is this a known issue?

With the legacy API everything still works fine.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Rick, I can’t help you, but I have noticed the same.
Even worse, the v2 update page removes all the macro bodies from the macros on the page, is this just me or does this happen to everybody?

Hi @rick.van.twillert and @rick.van.twillert,

Thanks for flagging this.

Regarding the version comment (message) not being processed, I’ve just confirmed that it’s a problem and I’ve raised it here:

I’ve also shared with the REST API v2 team so that they are aware now.

About the macro bodies, I’ll add a bit more context on Confluence REST API v2 update page with Macros is broken but I can see you figured out the problem. Thank you for sharing the solution back with us.


Hi @ccurti ,

Yes the broken macro body took me a while to find that the js XML Parser was doing some strange stuff while parsing, thankyou for reviewing and providing input and raising tickets.

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Hi All - the fix for the missing page update version message should now be in production. Thank you for the feedback!