Confluence/Scriptrunner custum macro - Convert a parameter to storage format

i’m developing a solution via custom macro in confluence, at some point i need to pass a parameter into a storage format macro i’m calling in my script, but it’s not working ( i can’t print my param in logs but not in storage format
any ideas ?
Thank you in advance

here is an example of what i’m trying to do:

def my_str_param="${parameters.test}" as String
def my_jql=“issue in testExecutionTests(’”+hello+"’)"

def mymacro=""""
<ac:structured-macro ac:name=“jirachart” ac:schema-version=“1” >
<ac:parameter ac:name=“border”>false</ac:parameter>
<ac:parameter ac:name=“showinfor”>false</ac:parameter>
<ac:parameter ac:name=“server”>MY JIRA</ac:parameter>
<ac:parameter ac:name=“jql”>"""+my_jql+"""</ac:parameter>
<ac:parameter ac:name=“statType”>issuetype</ac:parameter>
<ac:parameter ac:name=“chartType”>pie</ac:parameter><ac:parameter ac:name=“width” />
<ac:parameter ac:name=“isAuthenticated”>true</ac:parameter><ac:parameter ac:name=“serverId”>XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX</ac:parameter>

def xhtmlContent = ComponentLocator.getComponent(XhtmlContent)
def h=xhtmlContent.convertStorageToView(mymacro, context)