Confluence - Scroll PDF export Add On

We have purchased Scroll PDF exporter Add On and Need your advisory regarding the below:

We currently use Scroll PDF exporter Add On to export pages to PDF.

The problem is that some PDF generation takes time on large scale documents (more than 400 pages).

We would like to be able to :

1.Generate The PDF files Offline when a Document is updated
2.Add the Generated PDF as an attachment to the Document (so the user will only need to download the pre generated PDF)

What can be the best solution for this ? preferably without coding.
We thought about exporting the PDF via Scroll PDF exporter with comala (is that possible?) and then use the API to attach the file to the relevant doc.

Can you suggest a better solution to overcome the amount of time it takes to export the PDF file on?

Hi @GuyToyber,

this is the Developer Community. Your question probably belongs better on the Atlassian (User) Community. Maybe also try to contact k15t support and ask them directly. :slight_smile: