Confluence search term/text statistics

is it possible to get term statistics in confluence using search apis, I wanted to calculate the count of specific text in a space.

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Hi @SyedHussain ,

I don’t think the Confluence API offers direct support for this.


@dmorrow Thanks for the reply.If its not directly possible, i can write custom script to achieve this through implementation.We are on confluence DC 7.4 and script runner plugin.I was thinking of implementing it using ContentSearch and TextQuery and thought SearchResult size would give me the count but it gives me page count not the word count.Any help or example would be helpful.

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If you know which specific terms you’re interested in, I reckon that you could do this pretty easily through a Search Extractor.

Indexing a count of all the words in every document is liable to be a bit more intensive. What are the specifics of your use case?

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@jcarter It will be specific term/text.My plan was to use script runner, since we do use it extensively.I was looking for code example to do it using Lucene, above page does help a bit.