Confluence Server Version Compatibility Testing


I have submitted the Server version of an existing Confluence cloud app for Confluence, Visio Publisher for Confluence.

I have successfully tested the app on Confluence Server v 6.14 bundled with the SDK. However, the support team have rejected my submission saying that the App won’t load in their v 7.11 test environment. They are unable to provide any diagnostic information like stack trace …etc and the only feedback I have received is a screenshot stating:

An error occurred during installation. Refer to logs for more information.

It occurs to me that I could install v 7.11 to try and diagnose the error, however what about compatibility with all of the other versions. Short of installing every version how do I comprehensively test the app? Is there any setting in the SDK to simulate different versions?

What is best practice for testing versions?

Many thanks in advance.

Thanks and regards,

Ok an update - having installed 7.11 Server I have resolved the issue with the latest version. However, I still have the question concerning best practices for cross version compatibility testing.