Confluence template - Link Epic to a Jira filter


We have contacted the first line of support of Atlassian but they can not help us about our issue below. Thus they have adviced to contact you.

We would like create a new page template in Confluence that link an epic to a Jira Filter.

To do that, we have created a new template with a variable :
Epic : $epiclink

And, after, we have created a User Macro with this content :


<ac:macro ac:name=“jiraissues”>
<ac:parameter ac:name=“renderMode”>static</ac:parameter>
<ac:parameter ac:name=“columns”>key,summary,assignee,reporter</ac:parameter>
<ac:parameter ac:name=“url”>https://[jira_url]/sr/jira.issueviews:searchrequest-rss/temp/SearchRequest.xml?jqlQuery=%22Epic Link%22+%3D+$epiclink</ac:parameter>

However, when we create a new page from the template, the Jira query does not perform because the $epiclink variable is not replaced with the value of the epic. We receive this message : Jira project doesn’t exist or you don’t have permission to view it.

Can you tell us how we can use the template variable into the macro jira issues ?

Kind regards

I have the same problem. Have you solved it?