Confluence Text Editor - Modyfication / Extending by addons or replacemnt


I’ve been looking for answer to simple need:
“Display what, who, when and how changed in edit mode of confluence page” in other words: “track and audit changes in confluence similar to MS Word”. (Server Hosted Confluence v6.8.5 with possible upgrade to v6.13.4)

Reaserch give me list of possible solutions:

  1. 3rd party Text Editor - CKEdit v5 - fully covering need and expectations for track change - did someone had expirience with integrating it with confluence or using as replacment for native text editor?
  2. 3rd party Text Editor addons- TinyMCE :
  • Flite for track change in edit mode
  • Lance for comments in edit mode
  1. Browsed Confluence Marketplace addons, cant find anything as much promissing as above mentioned (but im open to sugestions)
    Annotations for Confluence looks promissing but it works only in read mode, it would be perfect to have it working in colaborative edit mode.

PS. We checked Atlassian Companion App ( allowing to open attachments in external programs eg. MS Word) [page with file content macro and attachment providing content]

Also we have considered to create line of templates recalling to external Text Editor with track changes.

I’m open to suggestions, articles, expirience.

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Hi Jacek,

I’ve reviewed your post and this looks like a question for our User Community, rather than our developer community. I had a quick look over at and found a similar post addressing this issue: What’s the best way to track changes on Confluence?

The developer community forums are the best place if you want to post a question in relation to building an add-on or customisation for an Atlassian product. The community forums are the best place for product questions.

I hope this helps.
Melissa Paisley
Developer Advocate
Atlassian, Sydney

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