Confluence: the dropdown beneath the search box

I am new to Confluence (5.10.7). I am running an instance on my laptop. When I enter any search text in the search box, I am able to see a dropdown, in which there is some content as shown in the following screenshot (I entered “confluence”):

I would like to know how to remove the dropdown (that is, not displaying the dropdown when search text is entered). I just want to search the entire Confluence (including all spaces). I also hope to know why Confluence shows this dropdown.


This question seems to be more about the day-to-day use of Confluence, than it is about developing plugins for it. You’ll probably find more people paying attention in the Confluence User Forums. Just a suggestion.

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The dropdown shows the results. You’re essentially requesting not to see the results. Are you afraid it doesn’t return “all” results, are you afraid it slows down your page, or something along those lines?

It shows more results than the “search results” page, since this drop-down also shows users, spaces, and administration links that are not shown in the search results page (which only displays Confluence pages/blogs).

It is probably possible to get rid of it with some CSS. However, even if you don’t like this drop-down, most Confluence users do, so chances are good you might upset everyone else or hinder their usage.

As ibuchanan said, this question seems to belong to, unless you’re asking how to build a plugin which hides the popup.