Connect App in combination with a REST API

Hello together,

i want to write a simple jira connect app that should be used by multiple jira instances. The app will communicate with a REST API that I will write in DotNet.
Now my question is:
The connect app (frontend) will send requests to the REST API. Now I want to get a unique identifier for the jira instance. How can I implement that? Is there some API by Jira that gives me some unique identifier for a jira instance?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @JiraStarter. When your app is installed, the /installed lifecycle event will be sent to your app. In that payload, your app receives information that you’ll find useful for uniquely identifying the different instances, namely baseUrl and clientKey.

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Hi @nmansilla,
thank you for your response.
So, I can store the baseUrl together with the clientKey and the shared secret in the backend during the installation. Am I right?
In my frontend I will send a Ajax Request to my REST API. How can I identify the clientKey and the shared secret, if I get the Ajax Request from my frontend?
Thank you in advance.