Connect App select list with about 10000 items

Hi there

We have a custom select field (a few actually) populated from our internal system and updated hourly too. Once of them has about 10000 options … I know in term of the UI and experience it may not be practical but those values need to be in there.

2 questions:

We created an issue from selecting an item in that dropdown with 10000 options from the Service Desk portal. but hte field itself is not populating that selected item. Why is that?

I’d understand that the 10000 items slows down the usage of that field - ie. typing in to filter or scrolling bother show a delay in results or selectiong. What options are there for us to cater for this and still keep that in tact?

Thank you in advance.


I’d implement the control in the way that it accepts a pattern (think of “type ahead”) which it sends to the server via an AJAX requests, and the server returns the first N hits matching the pattern, then the input offers those as options…

That way you push the heavy lifting to the server, where you can also limit its size.


Thanks for the response @aron.gombas

That does sound like an ideal solution which we have researched a bit some time back. Do you perhaps have an example of how we can get this to work? Our setup is we have the custom field created from the Connect App and the field data on our app side … how does the SD portal and the Jira Create issue interface call our app for the fields to populate dynamically?

Thanks in advance.