Connect module condition to appear only when project is Team-managed

Hello community,
We have a connect app that contains some jiraIssueGlances modules.
We need that some of them appear only when the issue belongs to a Team-managed project, and not to a Company-managed one, but we cannot find any condition that satisfies.
Does anyone have a clue on how to achieve this?

You can try:

    condition: 'jira_expression',
    params: {
        expression: ' == "next-gen"'

Thanks a lot @remie , I’ll try that

Unfortunately, id didn’t work :disappointed_relieved: thanks a lot anyway @remie

I spoke too fast :grin: with a slight modification, it did work:
“condition”: “jira_expression”,
“params”: {
“expression”: “ == ‘next-gen’”
Thank you @remie , you are the best!

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