Connect-on-Forge module feedback

At AppWeek Berlin 2023 I converted a large Connect app descriptor to a Forge manifest using the Connect-on-Forge approach and these are the gotchas and problems I found:

  • jira:webhooks need to have a key attribute that they don’t have in Connect :warning:
  • jira:postInstallPage and jira:configurePage must be arrays unlike in Connect, and they don’t actually show anything in the app listing in the Manage Apps screen :warning:
  • jira:lifecycle works with weird format :warning:
        "key": "connect-lifecycle",
        "installed": '/lifecycle/installed',
        "uninstalled": '/lifecycle/uninstalled',
        "disabled": '/lifecycle/disabled',
        "enabled": '/lifecycle/enabled'
  • conditions seem to work best as JSON although I did get some YAML conditions working so its probably my fault:
        - {
            "condition": "addon_property_equal_to",
            "params": {
              "propertyKey": "app-week-2023",
              "objectName": "view-workflows",
              "value": "true"
  • jira:jiraWorkflowPostFunctions doesn’t support context params in the URLs :x: eg /app/workflow-postfunction?id={} [FRGE-1133] - Ecosystem Jira
  • jira:jiraProjectPages doesn’t support context params in the URLs :x: [FRGE-1134] - Ecosystem Jira
  • jira:jiraWorkflowConditions doesn’t support context params in the URLs :x: [FRGE-1135] - Ecosystem Jira
  • jira:jiraIssueContents doesn’t support context params in the URLs :x: [FRGE-1136] - Ecosystem Jira
  • jira:adminPages works :white_check_mark:
  • jira:generalPages works :white_check_mark:
  • jira:webSections works :white_check_mark:
  • jira:jiraEntityProperties works :white_check_mark: I tested the indexing/search for aliased properties
  • jira:webPanels works :white_check_mark:

The error messages when the Forge manifest fails to validate against the schema are really unhelpful. Some of the problems above I only discovered because the manifest validated and deployed but the app didn’t install, despite forge install completing successfully. An uninstall and reinstall was the only way to find the bug.


This is excellent feedback, thank you so much for taking the time to write this post for the community. Glad you have decided to consider migrating your connect app to forge.

I’ll pass this on internally so we can action these issues on PM side.

Once again, thank you!