Connect on forge module Request Create Property Panel invalid

Hi, I have tried to migrate my connect app to enable a mix of connect and forge modules. Specifically, I am encountering difficulties migrating my serviceDeskPortalRequestCreatePropertyPanels module.
Here is my working connect app descriptor

"modules": {
    "serviceDeskPortalRequestCreatePropertyPanels": [
        "key": "app-key",
        "url": "/App"

but using the following forge module gives me the forge lint error invalid value 'jira:serviceDeskPortalRequestCreatePropertyPanels' in connectModules valid-connect-module-required

    - key: app-key
      url: /App
  - key: connect
    baseUrl: myUrl
  id: myId
    key: connect-app
    remote: connect

I really can’t see how this is invalid as per the migration guide. Is this module not supported by forge or am I doing something wrong? thanks!

Hi @MichaelIlewicz,

This is happening because Forge doesn’t currently support Jira Service Management.

According to the Forge public roadmap, it is coming soon though:


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Thanks, I guess I will just have to publish two interdependent apps for now.

Thanks @ccurti - the resp. card on the Atlassian Cloud roadmap still states “Q2 - Q3 2022” and thus seems more vague and further out than “February 2022”, can you reconcile the difference for us?


There’s some nuance in how the 2 target different audiences. Technically, JSM + Forge will be delivered as a range, not at just 1 specific point in time.

The Trello card targets developers and is expected for when you can start using JSM APIs and UI modules with Forge.

The public roadmap is for customers with potential accounting impact (revenue recognition). With broader and more impactful communications there is a tendency toward more conservative estimates. It represents when you can build “all the things”. There will be some aspects of JSM development that won’t be possible until later than the February target.

I’ll ask @AbhinayaSinha to disaggregate the Trello card for the precision you likely need (and maybe have a fresh look at the public roadmap).