Connecting Confluence Cloud to Application

I’d be happy to hear your suggestions if there is any way to connect Confluence to our application and generate multi-language documentation.

For now, our flow is
[Application] > [CosimaGo] > [help web page]

Can we have?
[Application] > [Confluence Cloud]

I guess there’s a need for some developers work and plugins but not sure where to start.


Hi @sammapster - great question. Out the box, Confluence (server editions or cloud) do not support pages with multi-language versions. There are some apps in the Marketplace that do provide some of this feature functionality on the server editions. For instance, Scroll Translations for Confluence and Language Manager. Again, those apps I’ve mentioned are only for server (on-prem) editions, not cloud.

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Thank you @nmansilla,
I think that I could work on that in Confluence server and then export some content to Confluence Cloud but I’m just guessing since I’m not a developer yet nor technical writer :wink:

Hi @nmansilla, do you happen to know which Component Content Management Systems works best with Confluence server?

I guess Confluence and those plugins can’t replace CCMS completely.