Consistently get Stories in an Epic in Classic Projects using Rest API

I’m having an issue consistently getting the child Stories of an Epic in Classic Projects. I’ve used:


My issue is that custom_field 10014 (cf[10014]) works for some Classic Projects, but errors out in others.

I’m looking for a more robust and consistent way to get the Stories in an Epic in Classic Projects.

Any ideas?

Welcome to Atlassian Developer Community forums, @RhysDiab! When you said

what errors are you running into?

Also, does Jira Software cloud’s Get issues for epic REST API be able to help in your use case?


The epic custom field will have a different ID (the number in square brackets) on different instances. You should refer to it by name instead, so the JQL query will be:

"Epic Link" = <issue-key> AND issuetype = Story
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Thank you. This solved the problem. I’m very grateful.