Contact details from License API for cloud apps

Hi fellow developers,

we have a free Jira Cloud app in Marketplace with more than 70 active instances. We wanted to use License API for cloud apps to get contact details to reach out to our users.

We wanted to get: and

We have found out that these properties are not returned for any of our app user instances.

Could somebody confirm that these properties are also available for FREE apps? If not, is there any other way how to get contact information for the technical user for FREE cloud app?

thank you

You can’t access those properties for free apps unfortunately. We would love to access that ourselves, it’s sometimes very importantly like security updates etc.

Well, that is very inconvenient.

Based on section 8.4 of the Atlassian Marketplace Partner Agreement:

"… Atlassian may provide you with access to data or information (including personal data) associated with your (i) Paid-via-Atlassian Apps, (ii) Paid-via-Vendor Apps and (iii) Free Apps collected through the Atlassian Marketplace, including end user name, company name (if any), physical or email addresses, and phone numbers. "

Is there any standard way how to get contacts for Free Apps? Or should we contact somebody from Atlassian?

Unfortunately as far as I’m aware the situation has always been that you get 0 contacts for free apps. If you want to contact your users then you’re forced to put it in your app somehow. If you find a way around that please do share it here, but I’m rather sure there is none. :confused:

I assume this is the same for Bitbucket Cloud? Since there is no way to release apps as PvA nor PvV. I guess the only option is then to check the box that you collect everything on install and do the GDPR followup? :grimacing:

(Sorry for the neverending pessimism here, but I’ve been waiting 3+ months now for releasing an app that is ready and I still don’t get any response)