Content byline not updating dynamically

Hi. I have a content byline item in Confluence that should dynamically update based on content properties of the page it is on. I fetch the properties with using @forge/api.

In my test site (on a Free plan), the byline item is updated dynamically in both development and production. In my production site (on a Standard plan, just the production environment), it is not. The API call for the content property returns null.

I run a similar call for the property in the inline modal dialog and it works there. Just not for the byline item.

Any insight into why this might be or where I could look to try to fix it?

Hi @AaronCollier,

Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community. Can you specify the exact API you’re calling to fetch the properties? Are you using V1 or V2 of the API?


Hi, @rwhitbeck. I’ve been using V1 with this route: /wiki/rest/api/content/${contentId}/property/${property} Please note that the endpoint you’re using is listed as Deprecated so I would move to V2 before Feb 1, 2024. See changelog for more info:

Can you post the full response that you are getting? I’m wondering if you’re getting permission problems as specified in the reference docs

Permissions required: ‘View’ permission for the space, and permission to view the content if it is a page.

I think you would get a 404 response back if so.

Some other thoughts. Have the properties been created in the new server yet?

I think the content properties endpoints weren’t deprecated when I started with the app, which is why I went with them. Switched to V2 and now seeing 404 responses with Could not find page with id. In the manifest, I have read:page:confluence under scopes as specified in the endpoint.

The full scope list:

    - read:confluence-props
    - write:confluence-props
    - read:confluence-space.summary
    - read:confluence-user
    - read:content-details:confluence
    - read:page:confluence
    - read:permission:confluence

The properties have been created. I can retrieve them with a cURL request.

How are you creating the content properties?

With this endpoint

You’ll need the write:page:confluence scope which i don’t see in your list above. (Perhaps that’s what write:confluence-props was supposed to be?)

Ah, yes, the read:confluence-props and write:confluence-props were from V1. Will try updating the writing parts also to V2. But the properties still seem to be there.

From the docs for 404:

Returned if the calling user does not have permission to view the specified page, the page was not found, or the property was not found.

So there are 3 things here to look into more. Do you have permission, are you using the right content id/page id, is the property id correct?

At this point I don’t have the domain knowledge of your code to be more specific. Hopefully this helps to point you in the direction to find the problem.


Oh, wow. Of course it was permissions. A very foolish thing to be testing on (this page happened to be limited in permissions). Thanks so much for your patience and pointers!

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