Converting old licenses to Data Center licenses

There is a page about converting custom licenses to Marketplace licenses.
We need to generate a new license for the Data Center but there is nothing on that page. I’ve tried to send different props like "dataCenter": true; or "hosting": "Data Center"; but no luck.
Does anybody know if it’s even possible?

Hi @ihor,
We’re facing the exact same situation. I’ve been asking for advices on usage of this API. I was told it was required to have a publicly available “Server app leveraging the marketplace licensing” to use the API. I made it very clear we needed to create DataCenter licenses.
Now I am, like you, unsure whether it is possible at all. When most of our customers are just DC.

For the record, the only alternative we found is to generate promotion codes for our customers, but it has more than a few drawbacks.

I am still waiting for the approval of our app. But if your already have such a “public app leveraging licensing” both in Server and DC, and you can’t use the license import API, then I’m afraid this is gonna be trouble…
Please let me know if that is indeed the case.


Just realized that your message wasn’t from April 20th, but rather April 2020.
If you can please take a moment to share your feedback from 2020, that would be great.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: