Could not install addon/app (published to Marketplace)

Hi everyone,
I am trying to install addon/app (published to Marketplace) to my workspace. However, system throws me an error “An app with this key exists in the marketplace with a different url”.

Does anyone have any idea? Please advice.


@ThachDuong, welcome to the developer community forums. Is this your own app that you’re trying to install, or a Marketplace app from another vendor? If the latter, I suggest filing a support ticket with Atlassian Support.

Hi @nmansilla , this is our own app (Guardrails) which is published to Marketplace already.

@ThachDuong Okay. So, good news is that it’s not systemic… meaning that I was able to install GuardRails on my personal Bitbucket account without any problems (in fact, I was able to uninstall and reinstall again, without incident). That being said, it does sound as if there’s some type of issue isolated to your instance.

I would recommend submitting a bug ticket here, and give as many specifics as possible (your app key, your instance URL, etc.). Looking at some information/cases internally, this issue has come up sporadically in the past, and I think its best for it to be addressed inside of a support ticket. Shoot me a DM with the ticket ID once you’ve submitted it. Thanks.

@nmansilla have you turn off Enable Development Mode? It works which this checkbox is ON.

@nmansilla I have raised the ticket with details. Here is the ticket ID ECOHELP-1761. Please have a look on it. Thanks.

@ThachDuong Ah, indeed. I did have developer mode enabled, and when turned off, I get the same error (left those details in the ticket).

Hi @nmansilla , do you have any update on it?