Couldn't find JQLAutoComplete in admin side

I develop a plugin using the JQLAutoComplete for my input.
With SDK instance I can get JQLAutoComplete in the admin side.

But somehow in my live instance, I can not get JQLAutoComplete on the admin side. @@

The configuration in the system: " JQL Auto-complete ON "

Tien Dang


make sure that your web resource contains the following dependency: <dependency>jira.webresources:jqlautocomplete</dependency>
and that it is available in the context:

Hope that this helps!

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Thank you so much @m.ahrens

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Hi @m.ahrens,
Do you know how to inject jqlautocomplete to the issue view page?

Thank you so much,
Tien Dang

Hi @tien.dang

besides adding the required context to your web resource, it should work the same as on your admin site.
There is also a context especially for the view issue page called “jira.view.issue”.
You can view all the available contexts here:

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