CQL search with or statements does not work as expected

Dear all,

I’m trying to compile a CQL statement which searches for text in a page or a content property. However the following does not work (shows no results) while the isolated statements work:

cql = text~October or someproperty~September

While trying around I found out that also this statement does not work as expected. It only returns the pages containing October - the isolated statements however work again.

cql = text~October or text~September

The above works on Server as expected. Any ideas?

Thank you


Are you doing this through an REST API call? If so can you share an example of a call you’re making?

Dear Ralph,

I was reproducing the same calls I made during the weekend and now it works… interesting. Let’s call it a glitch and I close this.

Thank you anyhow for answering.

Kind regards


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