Create a custom gh detail view for other data


is it possible to create a gh detail view (like the detail issue view on sprint boards) for custom data inside a *.js file?


I want to give user further information on some topics and would create a view similiar to the gh detail view to keep ui simple and well known.

(I don’t know if it is possible to restrict a jira server plugin to jira-software, so maybe this should also work on jira servers without jira-software)

Thank’s in advance

Sounds like what you want is to add a detail view tab.

Be aware that your web panel will only appear if an icon is specified and the icon resource name begins with “icon” and is of type “download”.

I’ve found this article already and seems to be almost right for me.

But I do not want to extend the detail issue view, I want to add those tabs to a new detail view which has nothing to do with issues.

For example:
A detail view for an user.
One Tab contains Name
Another data related to the user

Seems that there is no possibility to use any already existing ajs class like restfultable