Create a refresh plugin

I am creating around six swim lanes. The tickets going through a workflow that is like steps going down–each ticket’s swimlane status changes by a post function once it reaches an end transition. However, I have to refresh the page manually in order for the tickets to change swimlane. Is there a way around this? So that the page refreshes automatically during a transition?

The Workflow Post Function module will HTTP POST to your add-on’s server when the transition is completed. That’s a server-to-server communication: nothing to do with the page that the user is looking at in the browser.

Your add-on could possibly incorporate JavaScript that polls your server to detect that a workflow post function was completed, but you then have the problem of how to trigger a screen refresh. Given that your JavaScript will be running in an iFrame, I’m not sure how (or if) you can cause the outer Window to refresh.


Thanks for the info!

Just gotta figure out that refresh part.

In theory you could do - of course that could cause a pretty nice loop refreshing things.

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