Create child issues on jira cloud via REST API

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There is a REST API call to create an issue on Jira cloud, but can we create a child issue on Jira cloud via plugin? Is there some rest API call which include this feature for creating child issues?

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Hi @Ivana1 ,

Regarding your query, by creating a “child issue”, do you mean creating a subtask for an issue or any other specific requirement you have for an issue. It will give a clarity if you could elaborate.


Not sub tasks, but for example epics should be child issues and while creating them the parent link will be the Feature issue. So the hierarchy is Feature → Epics. Also I want to create User Stories under the Epic, so some sort of hierarchy should be preserved while creating those child issues and their parent issues.

Hi @Ivana,

Thanks for clarifying. According to the docs, it is mentioned

In a next-gen project any issue may be made a child providing that the parent and child are members of the same project.

In order to achieve that, while creating a issue you will have to mention a parent issue ID or key in the payload. If in case, it is not feasible or does not work in your case, you might have to create a custom issue link type to show a parent-child relationship and use the issue link API to create a relationship between any two issue.

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Thank you for the response. I created an issue and specify the parent issue ID it and yes it is successful to create the child issue.

Thank you again.

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