Create Customer Api not trigger invitation email


i try to create customer through /rest/servicedeskapi/customer , the customer record created, but system not trigger an email invitation ?

Is it anything i need to add when using this? I need the customer notified and sign up when we created the customer. Thanks

Hi @TanYikNa ,

As far as I can remember /rest/servicedeskapi/customer does not send email invitations to newly created customers.

I double checked the REST API for Create Customer and it says that email invitations aren’t sent to the created customer.


Hi Ian,

Thanks for the reply and update.
Note sure if they will implement this as i feel this is quite important.

Yik Na

You’re welcome, @TanYikNa .

If this is an important server functionality for your use case, you might want to raise an enhancement request to our Atlassian friends.