Create Customer Request API using POSTMAN


I am trying to hit the service desk API Create Customer API(https://[domainname] through POSTMAN, getting 400(bad request) response.

Request Parameters are as such-

URL - https://[domainname]
Method - POST
Basic Auth(username, Password[API Token])
ContentType : Application/json

Request Body:
“serviceDeskId”: “1”,
“requestTypeId”: “10009”,
“requestFieldValues”: {
“summary”: “Request JSD help via REST”,
“description”: “sdfasdfdsfsadfdfasdf”

Response :

Status: 400 Bad Request
“errorMessage”: “Your request could not be created. Please check the fields have been correctly filled in. Please provide a value for required field ‘Change type’”,
“i18nErrorMessage”: {
“i18nKey”: “sd.validation.request.creation.failure.required.field”,
“parameters”: [
“Please provide a value for required field ‘Change type’”

Please provide your view on this, may be somewhere I’m doing mistake.

API reference -

Other method like GET is working fine, I’m able to fetch all the details.

Hi Rahul Ray,

your “requestTypeId” doesn’t look correct. The available request types you get with the endpoint /rest/servicedeskapi/servicedesk/${serviceDeskId}/requesttype

Your id rather looks like a project id.

Best, Michael