Create issue dialog from Script - additional fields not set

Hi Community,

I´m opening a new create issue dialog with quick-edit/form/factory/create-issue.
Works fine, dialog is shown and pid and issuetype are set.
Data can be entered and stored.

But additional custom fields, summary etc. are not set by script call.
How can I handle this? I want to set some data from my caller method too.

My code at the moment:

        function createNewRequest(pid, type, customer, phonenumber) {
            var createCreateIssueForm = require('quick-edit/form/factory/create-issue');
                        pid : pid,
                        issueType : type,
                        customfield_15304 : customer,
                        customfield_14529 : phonenumber
                        windowTitle : "Create new Issue"


Uli Huber

find the solution - with AJS I can check if form is loaded, after that I´m able to set values to field-ids

I got a possible solution, that may also work for you

	['jira/inline-issue-create/prefillable-create-issue-dialog', 'jira/jquery/deferred'],
	(prefillableCreateIssueDialog, Deferred) => {
		const initialValuesDefer = new Deferred();
		const createIssueForm = prefillableCreateIssueDialog.createPrefillableCreateIssueForm(initialValuesDefer);
		createIssueForm.pipe((form) => {
			const b = form.asDialog();;
			return b;
			prefilledFields: {
				pid: 10000, //ProjectId
				issuetype: 10001,
				summary: 'test',
				customfield_10105: 15,

//Edit: Fixed project and issue type parameter