Create jiraRestClient based on oauth

Hey all,
I want to connect my server through oauth protocol.
I want to use v4.0.0
I have all parameters relevant for this process:
consumer key, private key and access token.
but how should I create a relevant jiraRestClient?
I realized I need to implement AuthenticationHandler with placing all right parameters…
Really need some help with that :slight_smile:

  • a working example - would be priceless for me

Hi, @lital.halawi.

Kindly check this documentation about OAuth for REST APIs.

For a working sample, you can check this repository. I personally tried the Java sample and it worked for me. The sample code might be able to guide you with what you want to achieve.


thanks for the link.
but - I would like to use Jira library in order to connect with my jira server. -jrjc.
I got to the point when I need to create a new authenticationHandler and override configure method.

JiraRestClientFactory factory = new AsynchronousJiraRestClientFactory();
URI jiraUri = new URI(JIRA_URL);
AuthenticationHandler auth = new AuthenticationHandler() {}