Create New Confluence Cloud Page via API "failing" despite returning 200 OK

Hey all, I am really scratching my head on this one.

I am using Postman to learn how to create and eventually update documentation via API call.

I’m using Basic auth in the headers to authenticate which is working. It returns my space information to me fine using a Get Space request, but it also returns the content in the Space for the Content request. I am sending my request to $ which is as the docs seems to suggest.

My body:

    "type": "page",
    "title": "Test Document",
    "space": {
        "id": int,
        "key": "space_key",
        "name": "Space Name",
        "type": "personal",
    "body": {
        "storage": {
          "value": <p>This is a test doc.</p>
          "representation": "storage",

Why won’t this create? I’ve tried simplifying the body down, adjusting the format to plaintext but no luck. I’ve recreated my API tokens several times and they’re otherwise working fine. The user being used for authentication is my admin user. I think I’ve narrowed this down decently to being something with the body at this point but it’s just so strange that it fulfills the request but still seems to fail. I am using a free developer account if that matters at all but this is a fairly simple request so I feel like it shouldn’t be a paid API.

My JSON was bad and I should feel bad.

I also discovered Postman was changing the HTTP protocol causing it to be redirected as a GET request which is why it was returning the 200 OK.
For anyone else seeing the issue, change the following setting (assuming everything else is the same). You want to ensure you follow the original HTTP protocol and not allow Postman to change it. Under your Settings Menu, enable Follow original HTTP Method