Create project with default avatar Id

Am trying to create a project, with ProjectCreationData.Builder and I need to set the AvatarId using withAavatarId(); what Id should i give this method in order to set the default avatar id for a project??

Any idea on this one ?

Hey @ChristianK , might be too late, but ill try to answer.
First of all, i assume that calling builder without withAvatarId() method will set project avatar to default.
If you want to use as default another avatar that exists there you can go to your Jira -> Administration -> Projects -> click edit on any project -> choose select avatar -> in opened dialog find avatar you want -> pres right click and open element in devtools. You should see there an image element that has id like this one: avatar-####, the number after avatar- is an id of that avatar you can copy it and use in method to set avatar for project