Create screen and workflow for a cloud Project using Jira Cloud Rest calls?


I want to create a screen and workflows for a project using Jira cloud rest calls But I did not get any rest call for this If anyone Knows any solution Please share that.
I have gone through the document but I did not get any rest call for create screen and create workflow.


Hey Chakresh,

You can use our REST APIs to create a workflow scheme, and perform a bunch of other workflow scheme operations.

While we have a set of Screen APIs, available today, there doesn’t appear to be an endpoint for creating screens at this time. @BeataSzturemska recently helped to ship new screen APIs, so I’ll loop her in on this thread in case she has some context on if this is planned on the roadmap.

I hope this helps! And if you don’t mind me asking, I’d love if you could share some context with me on your use case for creating screens via API. It’ll help us understand why this would be helpful for you and aid us in prioritization of this functionality.

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Our REST API is not supporting create screen and create workflow.
Jira Cloud Ecosystem team is working on improving Project Configuration Experience, but this functionalities are not a part of our roadmap.
It can be a good idea to create ACJIRA ticket on ecosystem Jira.
It allows us to track how many customers are interested in such APIs.