Create Service Desk request from Connect app


We’re trying to build a feedback modal into our connect application but faced some challenges. We need to send the user’s request from the connect app to our service desk on our jira instance. This is not possible, as the user doesn’t have access to our instance. Creating a customer could be an option but there are a few missing details.

Let’s say we’ve created a customer from our backend with an internal account using access token auth, where should we store the created customer? Should we store it at all? We can use the id from the customer response to create the request in service desk, but what if the user sends feedback again, how do we know that the user already has a customer associated with their account and what that customer’s id is? And ideally we wouldn’t want to ask for the user’s email address just to create a customer for them. It should use their default jira email, but requesting getting access to that is probably even harder.

Is there a better approach to this? Has anyone managed to get something like this working?