CreateValidationResults doesn't see customFieldValue

I am creating issue with atlassian jira plugin and want to add a custom field in it called customfield_111. When I run a validation with validateCreate then the result of class CreateValidationResult should have passed customField but it has not:

IssueInputParameters issueInputParameters = new IssueInputParametersImpl();

        .addCustomFieldValue("customfield_111", "myvalue");

IssueService.CreateValidationResult createValidationResult = issueService.validateCreate(model.getUser(), issueInputParameters); 
// here the customfield_111 is null !!!

I have add a customfield111 in jira settings for issue as label text and I can manually create issue with that field but how can I do it automaticaly with the code?

The solution:
name of the custom field which we see in jira is only a label. The id of the field is set automatically by Jira and the id in code must be set to the same value.